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Hunstanton cliffs Photoshoot

Inspiration behind the shoot

As I grew up with the view of the sea in front of my eyes everyday, I miss it terribly. Being a fashion addict and flipping through magazines, I always dreamt of doing an editorial on the beach, by the sea. Hunstanton provides for a great background, with its red cliffs and beautiful sunset views.

The day we shot this editorial, we were incredibly lucky to have warm weather and I chose a black and a white dress, to contrast the colour of the rocks with the outfits. We captured the light just before sunset and the actual sunset too, which was magical.

I was lucky enough to have some beautiful shots taken on the rocks in a contrasting white mini dress.

The inspiration for when I plan a shoot myself, always comes from first envisioning the location and then the dress, followed by what hair and make-up would look good with the location and the surroundings. Being on the seaside with winds, on this shoot, we decided to keep the hair back for both looks and provide a sleek editorial look.

The final result

The final result was a winner, our photos were published and also made front cover of Malvie magazine, a French, print and digital magazine.

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