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Planning your wedding during the Covid-19 pandemic. REAL BRIDE STORY

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Hi guys, I would like to share an insight into wedding planning in Covid-19 times from a real bride who still had an amazing day.

Planning my wedding day

I was very excited to start planning my wedding day at Christmas time with the family around the table and everyone's spirits high. My dream was to walk down the aisle, wearing a white wedding dress and holding on to my dads hand with love and pride to reach the final moment, to be handed into hands of my to-be husband.

Unfortunately the pandemic hit and everything started to shut down, even the registration office denied a place for a whole year. We started to question whether a wedding this year was worth it or not ? But goods news came and the ease of the lockdown gave us a slither of hope for getting the wedding we always dreamed of.

Choosing a wedding venue during Covid-19

We started looking into other places and found an option even better than the original venue we had in mind. Things started to get even better as our registration office in Norwich were hesitant about allowing a marriage in London, after an anxious wait for a response we were finally accepted with confirmation of a place. Though we always wanted a summer wedding, we had to delay it to the middle of September instead.

As we were unable to afford a wedding planner during Covid-19, the organisation and planning of the wedding was left to the bride, the groom and both families. With the wedding celebrations set to be outdoors, this caused some panic for the unpredictable weather of the Autumnal months. But we took a risk none-the-less and hoped for the best.

From panic to wedding celebration!

The BIG day arrived and the bride was surrounded by her loved ones which instantly eased her. After make up and hair, the bride was ready to meet the groom and receive blessings from the parents for their happy communion. Everyone rushed to the London church, to witness the precious moment when the bride and groom would exchange rings and promise to be loved and cherished forever and go through anything that may cross their paths. After a ceremony full of joy, they went to celebrate the wedding.

Wedding celebration during covid-19

We couldn't get the venue we initially hoped for, in the end this turned out for the best, we got an even better venue than we had planned and it was our cousins house surrounded by vast fields. We had the luxury of outdoor space and were not worried about masks and social distancing between our family members.

Stunning wedding props is a challenge for everyone, when planning the wedding yourself, but the involvement of our family got us all closer together. A good tip that worked for us was that we made lists and shared them with family members attending the wedding, some were responsible for food, others for getting chairs and tables , others for cake and flowers. My favourite part of all, was the table decoration, that I enjoyed doing myself. I wanted to keep it simple, but stylish! Classic white serviettes matched vintage chairs and floral arrangements. There are no rules when it comes to center pieces. Think outside the box, use candles, lights, mismatched glassware to make the environment more unique.

We realised how lucky we were in the end that everything turned out perfectly and despite the dreadful pandemic we still managed to have the wedding of our dreams. The weather worked in our favour with the sun shining a happy spirit around all who attended and everyone was lucky to experience our beautiful day. This really was a fairy-tale wedding.

Benefits of photoshoot a day after session!

It doesn't matter how small or big your wedding is when it comes to a photoshoot you should dream that your wedding is The Wedding Of the Year for the whole world and the limit is only the sky. Do not put any boundaries for yourself. On your big day you are Queen and King and express that fairy tale mood trough pictures.

As we had a long journey to go from London church, our photographer offered us our dream photoshoot for the following day, so we can enjoy time to fullest with loved ones and avoid all unnecessary pressure and stress on the wedding day.

Photoshoot took place at Sennowe Park one of Norfolk's most romantic and impressive large Edwardian country houses set in sweeping parkland, providing exclusive and spectacular views. A big thank you to owner Virginia for a warm welcome who then let us to create spectacular photos!

It was a really good experience to have a photoshoot the following day of the wedding and we felt the benefits of having not being rushed and stressed on our special day, so we could relax and enjoy the process without any worries with more fun. Being relaxed means more fun , which makes for great photos.

My advice for the wedding day:

Just get married! No matter what! Stick to your guns and DO IT the way you want!

From my experience try not to schedule too many things on the day, as I have been a part of other weddings before mine, most of the time the wedding day feels rushed and chaotic. I am glad we decided to minimise posing for photos on our actual wedding day and instead we did a photo session the next day, to recreate the intimate moments.

I think it was the best decision we made and the photos we have are amazing!

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